Reusable filter bottles typically pull water through straws. This is ineffective with mixes, filtering out additives and clogging. FIT (Filter Isolation Technology) is the ONLY option to reduce water impurities BEFORE the bottle, allow mixes, and ditch annoying straws!

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BPA-free FIT Top filtering sports bottle sets feature our patented FIT Top filtration system with Filter Isolation Technology (FIT) providing you refreshing filtered water with the option of mixing in any drink additive you choose. FIT is the ONLY filtered hydration bottle that allows use of drink additives because we filter incoming water then isolate our filter. Enjoy!

Stop carrying around dirty water, stop fighting with filtering straws, stop wasting money, and stop polluting our planet with disposables!

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Our patented system is scientifically designed to slow the flow of water passing through our filter allowing optimal performance and maximum contact with the high-quality coconut-based activated carbon media. The media removes chlorine, bad taste, bad odors, and VOC’s (volatile organic compounds). Unlike other filters that are continuously saturated, our Filter Isolation Technology allows ours to dry and “recharge” between uses to maximize its performance.

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Filter Isolation Technology (FIT) allows you to mix any additive directly into your purified water without worry that the additive will contaminate the filter or the next use. Protein powders, iced teas, liquid flavors, baby formula, add any additive you wish – clean filtering with every use!

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The FIT Top is designed with a wide mouth and hinged cap that locks 180° flat (see image) and out of the way. No more sucking on filter straws! Tip it up for a free flowing gulp of your favorite drink. Plus our FIT Top Bottle is designed to fit in all cup holders and its small diameter makes it easy to hold.

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Water testing for certification was completed by PACE Analytical, a world leader and one of the largest water quality labs in the US. Testing included NSF 42 standards for chlorine reduction, taste improvement, and odor elimination to ensure you are getting the best filtration for fresh and clean water each time you use your FIT Top.

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Watch this video to learn how to change the filter, lubricate the O-rings, disassemble the component parts for washing, or to reassemble the mechanism if you accidentally pulled it apart.

Can I freeze, boil or microwave the FIT Top or FIT Top Bottle? Do not put into a microwave oven. FIT Top has metal screens inside the filter and the FIT Top Bottle has a metal ring and clip attached. We also do not recommend or warranty freezing or boiling the FIT Bottle or FIT Top.

Is it safe to ingest the carbon? Yes. It is no different than a charred mark upon a barbecued steak.

Why is there a MAX FILL line? It ensures your FIT Top Filter has the opportunity to dry out between uses, providing the best filter performance. You want to make sure you use the MAX FILL line to protect your FIT Top Filter from contamination by additives.

Is my FIT Top and FIT Top Bottle dishwasher safe? We recommend hand washing, but everything (except the filter) is safe to put in the top rack of a dishwasher. See “Care” video for disassembly. Just rinse and do NOT put an exposed filter in the dishwasher or it may taste of dish soap. A good quick option is to close FIT Top (isolating the filter) and toss the whole assembly in the dishwasher (this also preserves lubrication on the O-rings).

I pulled apart my FIT Top. How do I put it back together? If you forgot to lube the 3 O-rings or if you pull at an angle or pull with the slide extended then you can pry the slide off the FIT Top filter inlet tube. It is just like extending a drawer too far and then prying on it. No worries, we actually engineered FIT Top to pull apart rather than break. Please watch the "Care" video for information on cleaning and reassembling the FIT Top. Keep lube on those O-rings (lib balm works great) and try to pull/push straight.

Can I use the FIT Top on river or lake water? NO! The FIT Top is designed only for use with potable water and otherwise safe water sources such as faucets, drinking fountains, etc.

How should I store my empty FIT Top? Our O-rings provide Filter Isolation Technology (FIT) and will seal up the device tight. If you are storing the FIT Top for an extended period then please pull open the filter inlet and store it in this open position to promote airflow and prevent stale and funky from living inside that well-sealed environment.

How long does a FIT Top Filter last? It depends upon use and water quality. The 4 month replacement suggestion comes from refrigerator filters but the degradation curve is so gradual you’ll likely not notice. It is a function of the dirty water and available bonding sites remaining on the filter media. If you occasionally backwash the filter it also frees any tapped sediment and extends your filter life.

Why do I need to flush the filter before first use? The dry carbon media settles during transit. A simple wash of the filter will remove any dust that may have been created during transit.

Why is my FIT Top harder to open and close than when it was new? The O-ring seals in the FIT Top require lubrication to function properly. Simply apply lip balm to the 3 O-rings in the FIT Top unit. Please see "Care" video for maintenance and assembly.

My FIT Top leaks. What should I do? FIT Top is designed not to leak. Often it's just that the user has neglected to seat the filter flush with the housing (see arrow on "FREE FLOWING" image). Push the filter (under the hinge) down until the surfaces are flush and the top O-ring disappears inside. Also, make sure you close the drinking spout cover snugly. The colored cup glued to the bottom of the FIT Bottle can also catch some overfill or drips making you "think" the bottle is cracked at the base. It is not and you can even remove that decorative cup if you wish. Sometimes a few drips escape between the bottle and FIT Top when the bottle opening is not perfectly flat. They run along the threads and out under the lid. Most bottles are flat and do NOT drip. If yours does, please contact us and we will mail you a FREE large O-ring that inserts between the bottle and FIT Top to 100% eliminate this issue.